Auto Body Repair Process

  1. The initial estimate from us or an insurance company is called a preliminary estimate and will detail damages evident in the first inspection to determine the extent and total cost of the repair. Keep in mind that often there is hidden damage that can not be seen until parts have been removed from the vehicle, or there could be parts price differences.

  2. After you sign authorization, vehicle is disassembled to assure all parts necessary are ordered. If additions are found, insurance company may need to re-inspect.

  3. Parts for your vehicle are now ordered, and availability is checked. We may get some parts in quickly, but can't start the repairs until we receive all of the structural parts.

  4. The Structure Tech will repair the unibody or frame, returning it back to the factory specs using a laser measuring system. This system assures vehicle will ride and drive as before the accident.

  5. The Body Tech will now replace necessary sheet metal/plastic panels, and perform any straitening needed. The vehicle starts to look better as parts are installed and aligned. From here it will go to the paint prep department.

  6. The Paint Techs will prepare panels for paint, priming and sealing them to assure the final finish closely duplicates the original. Paint Prep is a crucial step in the painting process of the vehicle.

  7. Body Tech will reassemble bumpers, moldings, door handles, and any parts left off for the painting process. Lights, horn, dash warning lights are now checked. The vehicle is almost complete and ready for delivery when it is in this stage.

  8. Detailer will clean vehicle, removing any dirt inside and out, making sure vehicle shows no signs of our repairs. Pinstriping and decals are installed at this point.

  9. Final inspection and delivery is the last step in the repair process. When you come to pick up the vehicle, we will explain the bill and the final paper work is completed. You will drive away in a vehicle that has been brought back to it's pre-accident condition.


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